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The Register tab allows you to make direct sales by adding line-items (either via the keypad or from your product list) and then quickly charge the customer.

The Register tab is only visible in Retail modes.


The keypad allows you to quickly add miscellaneous items to your basket without having to configure product descriptions in advance.

As you type into the keypad, that value will automatically get added to your active basket. If you'd like to add multiple items to your basket you can tap the + button to the right of the amount display.

Keypad entry

Customise your new line-item!

You can customise a keypad value that you're adding to your basket directly by tapping on the grey amount display after you've entered an amount. You can now give the value a specific name, add notes, or make other changes.


The Item tab will be hidden in Simple mode.

Once you've created products you can add them directly to your active basket via the Item list.


Simply tap on an item to add it to your basket. When you've added an item the quantity of that item will be displayed in a small circle. If you want to modify that line-item you can tap on that quantity indicator.

If you long-press an item this will pop-up an editor to let you modify the line-item before it's added to your basket. This is useful if you want to customise that line-item while you add it or if you want to have multiple line-items for a single type of item. If you have multiple line-items for a single type of item then you'll only be able to edit those line-items from the basket.

Grid or List

You can choose to display your items in either a grid or a list by pressing the grid/list toggle at the top right of the items tab.


If you've added any categories for your items then you can turn categories on or off using the category toggle at the top right of the items tab.


If you've added any barcodes to any of your items then you'll see a Scanner tab that allows you to quickly add items by scanning barcodes. Simply select this tab and scan the relevant barcode to add that item to your active basket.

The Basket

You can view the current line-items in your active basket by tapping on the total (with the bag icon) at the top of the screen.

From here you can delete (by swiping) or modify (by tapping) your line-items.

You can also add notes or clear the sale entirely using the button at the bottom of the page.

Editing Line-Items

You can edit a line-item by either:

  • Tapping on a line-item from the basket
  • Tapping on the quantity count on an item in the Items tab
  • Long-pressing an item on the Items tab to add it as a new line-item
  • Tapping on the grey amount on the Keypad

In any of these cases the line-item details screen will appear. From here you can modify the Quantity, Price, Note, add a discount, choose any modifiers, and delete the line-item entirely. If this is a miscellaneous item then you can also modify the Name.


Once you've created some discounts you can apply them to either the entire sale or to individual line-items.

Sale Discounts

To apply a discount to the entire sale tap the discounts and surcharging icon on the Items tab next to search then choose the discount you want to apply to the sale. You can apply percentage or amount-based discounts to the sale. You can also create a custom discount by selecting Custom Item Discount and entering either a percentage or dollar amount and a name.

To delete a sale discount, go to the active basket and tap on the Sale Discount line-item, you will be prompted to delete it.

Item Discounts

You can apply a discount to an individual line-item while editing any line-item. Simply select a discount from under the Discounts heading or create a custom one by tapping the Custom Item Discount button.

Item discounts can only be percentage based, so any amount-based discounts will not appear in the available discounts.


Discounts will never result in the total value of the sale dropping below $0.00. This means if you add a $10 discount to a $5 sale, then the resulting value of the sale will be $0.00.